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Did you know these benefits of using two-way radios on the TRBOMAX™ system?

  1. You still have service during emergencies. Cell service towers and landlines may fail during an emergency or disaster. However, two-way radios on the TRBOMAX system will continue to work during those situations. Additionally, all workers can be contacted at once, as opposed to dialing individual phone numbers via phone.
  2. Two way radios on the TRBOMAX system are lightweight and durable. MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios are designed to be lightweight and long-lasting. While some phones may require a protective case for use on the jobsite, two-way radios are built to military and IP specifications, so they are less likely to crack or break when dropped. They are also designed with long battery life, with many models able to continue operating for 12-26 hours.
  3. TRBOMAX is cost effective. Two-way radios cost less than cell phones, and typically several workers can share a radio. 
  4. TRBOMAX provides communication clarity. Unlike many cell phones, all-digital MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios on the TRBOMAX system are designed to offer clear communication in most conditions. They often include features that reduce wind noise and allow resistance to vibration, extreme temperatures and wet conditions.
  5. TRBOMAX is easy to use. Two-way radios feature simple push-to-talk, release to listen communication, creating a simple means of getting connected with the team.

TRBOMAX has the right solution for your toughest communications challenges within the state of South Carolina. Request A Demo today to learn more about the services we provide.

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