Instant Communication for Education

Education and safety go hand in hand.

In order to run a safe and smooth operation in an education setting, efficient, reliable communication is a necessity. TRBOMAX™ offers airtime solutions throughout South Carolina with our wide area radio system. This allows you to communicate seamlessly with all who keep your schools, colleges, and universities safe and operating efficiently.

How Can Your Organization Use TRBOMAX Most Effectively?

When combined with MOTOTRBO™ digital radios, the TRBOMAX system helps you communicate with the teams who work for and with your organization. Even universities that have satellite campuses can enjoy instantaneous, crystal-clear communication with campuses on the other side of the state.

K-12 school offices can communicate messages with bus drivers as they make their rounds, staying up-to-date. Thanks to the power of push-to-talk communication, MOTOTRBO two-way radios can send and receive messages with the press of a button. Many radios are also equipped with GPS tracking to improve safety and ensure prompt responses to the exact location when emergencies do occur on school buses.

Two-way radio communication is also ideal for the following situations in schools and colleges throughout South Carolina:

  • Managing sporting events, concerts and theatrical productions
  • Coordinating traffic of tailgaters and sports fans before and after games
  • Keeping track of maintenance and grounds projects
  • Maintaining security on campus
  • Improving interdepartmental communications
  • Facilitating emergency responses for fires, lockdowns, partial lockdowns, weather emergencies, or other campus-wide security concerns

Because students, faculty, administrative staff, and various school groups travel throughout South Carolina, our airtime services can be instrumental in maintaining continuous access to communication wherever your travels take you, your students and your staff.

If you’re an administrator on any campus throughout the state, you know that the safety and security of every student and member of your staff is priority. Instant access to communications in emergencies or other times of concern can save lives. Contact us to learn about how we can help you improve safety through more effective communications.

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