Instant Communication for Transportation & Logistics

Transportation fleets have constant demands to deliver more and deliver faster.

TRBOMAX™ can help you do just that by allowing you to communicate more effectively with your drivers while they’re on the road.

Transportation and Logistics isn’t limited to trucks that make cross country deliveries. The term also refers to all the following businesses and more.

  • Local route deliveries
  • Couriers
  • Fuel trucks
  • Transport trucks
  • Large or small airports
  • Train stations
  • Seaports
  • Warehouses

Who Needs TRBOMAX?

If you operate a transportation and logistics business in South Carolina, you need the valuable services TRBOMAX offers. Our Wide Area radio service allows businesses throughout the state of South Carolina to communicate seamlessly with team members. With TRBOMAX, drivers can seek clarification for delivery details, route specific information, and communicate when detours or rerouting become necessary. Use TRBOMAX with standard portable radios to assist with warehouse workers, airport workers, train yard workers, and more. TRBOMAX also works with in-vehicle mobile radios for ease of use on-the-road and one-touch communication that is DOT compliant.

Using MOTOTRBO Radios for Transportation and Logistics businesses allows you to do the following:

  • Communicate at the push of a button with your entire organization, select members of your team, groups within your organization, and individuals
  • Keep the lines of communication open so team members never miss important safety and performance information
  • Facilitate safer work conditions with advanced safety features
  • Provide hands-free usage for drivers who are on the road and are not able to use mobile phones
  • Get unlimited airtime and wide area coverage in South Carolina
  • Communicate instantly with PTT
  • Achieve clear communication thanks to background noise cancelling and voice enhancing technologies

Our network solutions offer incredible scalability to grow with you as your organization grows. TRBOMAX connects the latest digital radio technology with outstanding durability and the latest features. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your transportation and logistics organization through more powerful communications solutions.

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