Get Connected and Stay Connected With TRBOMAX™

Wherever, whenever – TRBOMAX is there

Your business has workers in the field that need instant access to Push-To-Talk (PTT) communication – no matter where those work teams happen to be. TRBOMAX offers you that reliability and convenience with our wide-area coverage throughout the great state of South Carolina.

Construction and utility companies, transportation and logistics companies, educational institutions, school transportation, and the hospitality industry all benefit from the instant, reliable, communications solutions of the TRBOMAX system. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve safety across your organization, or you want to increase productivity through lightning fast and highly effective communications throughout South Carolina, TRBOMAX has you covered and keeps your team connected.

*Coverage areas are approximate and may vary based on geographic and atmospheric conditions

Why TRBOMAX is the right choice

If the safety of your employees and the productivity of your organization are important for your business, then only the best will do. While not every business needs the specialized communications solution TRBOMAX offers, any business that has people on the road in South Carolina can benefit from the innovative communication architecture we provide. Our solutions deliver:

  • High performance and reliable connectivity
  • Incredible scalability to serve your business now and as your team grows
  • Powerful management tools
  • Instant and secure voice and data communications
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Affordable pricing to help your bottom line

TRBOMAX provides the airtime, and local Motorola Solutions Channel Partners provide MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radios, customer service and any installation or repair services you may need. These Partners, like the service we offer, are located throughout the state of South Carolina to serve you better. 

Contact us today for a no obligation demo and learn how our instant, reliable, all-digital coverage can improve your business communications as fast as you can push-to-talk, release to listen.

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