Our System

South Carolina Push-To-Talk Radio System

TRBOMAX offers Push-To-Talk (PTT) coverage throughout South Carolina using MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Max technology. Capacity Max is the most advanced and robust commercial radio system infrastructure Motorola offers, on the most reliable radio technology platform available today.

TRBOMAX Technology

Our system is built using technology backed by 90 years of Motorola innovation, and decades of experience delivering secure trunked radio communications to real-world customers. The result is an exceptional PTT communications solution for businesses across South Carolina.

Industries, businesses, and organizations requiring instant access to communications over wide areas throughout the state of South Carolina are prime candidates for this invaluable service. The following industries are among the many ideally suited for the unique service we provide:

  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Education (particularly school transportation)
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation and Logistics

Compatible with specific Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Digital Radios, the TRBOMAX South Carolina Wide-Area Radio System allows organizations to achieve maximum efficiency from statewide communications coverage that is scalable as your business grows.

Portable Radio Coverage

South Carolina Portable Radio Coverage Map

Mobile Radio Coverage

South Carolina Mobile Radio Coverage Map

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