Industry Solutions


We provide wide area two-way radio coverage solutions to construction companies in South Carolina.


Connect all the schools in your school district with the touch of a button All of your staff can communicate in real-time.

SC Two-way Radios for Hospitals


With our MOTOTRBO Capacity Max digital two-way radio system we can connect all the buildings on your hospital campus.

Two-way Radios for Hotels


Connect your facilities across town or across the state. Communicate with all your hotels and your employees instantly.

Two-way Radios for Manufacturing SC


Increase productivity with communication solutions specially designed for the manufacturing industry

Private Security South Carolina

Private Security

Our South Carolina wide area system is used by private security firms for communications at special events.

Public Works Two-way Radios South Carolina

Public Works/Utilities

Public works and utility companies need to communicate with their teams across the state in emergency situations.

SC Service Industry Radios

Services Industry

Two-way Radios are the ideal communication tool for the services industry. This includes plumbers, electricians, and landscapers.

Transportation Two-way Radios SC


Transportation carriers and large feet providers depend on instant communications for on-time deliveries.