Instant Communication for Manufacturing

TRBOMAX™ offers airtime solutions ideal for use in manufacturing environments.

Our solutions not only help you increase productivity for your entire team through better communications, but with TRBOMAX you can improve organizational safety with fast access to instant communication, along with the advanced safety features of Motorola MOTOTRBO™ all digital radios.

Why Work with TRBOMAX?

The TRBOMAX wide area system throughout South Carolina allows you to use a range of MOTOTRBO digital radios to accomplish your unique communication goals and needs. We understand the wide range of communication challenges manufacturing operations face everyday, and offer scalable solutions to meet your needs as your organization grows.

Our communications system and airtime solutions allow you to communicate with individuals, groups, or your entire organization with the push of a button. This instant access to communication creates greater efficiency for your teams and your business.

Our cost-effective airtime solutions and the value of MOTOTRBO digital radios provide plenty of reasons to implement TRBOMAX. Here are a few of the key benefits:

  • Complete plant communications, eliminating dead zones
  • Rugged devices that can perform flawlessly regardless of plant conditions
  • Background noise reduction to facilitate crystal clear voice communication – regardless of what’s going on around you
  • MOTOTRBO radios that are IP68 rated for incredible durability
  • MOTOTRBO radios feature iMPRES battery technology, allowing batteries to last multiple shifts on a single charge
  • Advanced safety features, such as Man Down, Lone Worker, and emergency notifications

Combine all these benefits with our impressive South Carolina coverage area and you have plenty of reasons to work with TRBOMAX – whether you are operating one facility in South Carolina or have several spread across the state.

Contact TRBOMAX today to learn more about our innovative communication and airtime system and how we can put it to work in your South Carolina manufacturing plant today.

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