Instant Communication for Public Works

In the world of public works, the teams that work on your roads, in your water treatment facilities, and throughout your communities spend a lot of time in the field.

They are working on road construction, repairs, checking water tables, sampling water purity, and keeping communities safe.

While public works employees focus on keeping communities safe, keep their safety a priority by providing access to instant communication. Offering a wide range of safety features, TRBOMAX™ includes GPS location tracking, emergency notification signals, and advanced safety features like Man Down and Lone Worker.

What Do MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radios have to Offer Your Team?

MOTOTRBO digital radios offer fast access to reliable communication for your entire team. When combined with the power of the TRBOMAX South Carolina Wide Area Radio System, you have the most powerful communications options available to South Carolina businesses today.

MOTOTRBO radios come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rugged radios designed to handle life on the road with the teams that make your city work, with valuable features including:

  • Extended battery life with the iMPRES battery option, including batteries that last longer than even the extended shifts removing snow in winter, repairing roads in spring, and more
  • IP68 rated to withstand exposure to wind driven particles and water as well as the rough handling of daily use in tough environments
  • A wide selection of accessories to facilitate easier communication in a variety of settings and environments
  • GPS tracking capabilities to locate workers in emergencies, ease the dispatch process when priorities shift throughout the day, and to ensure that all workers are on track to complete their assignments for the day.

Public works employees endure wind, rain, snow, and worse to keep the community running efficiently. These dedicated personnel deserve tools to maintain optimal safety and productivity on the job.

The proper tool is a MOTOTRBO digital radio. Next step is making sure there is reliable communication. South Carolina public works professionals are best served with the TRBOMAX South Carolina Wide Area Radio System to facilitate effective communication throughout the state. Contact us today for your free demo, and experience the all digital TRBOMAX coverage.

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