Instant Communications for Utilities

Businesses in various utilities industries understand the potential risk every time a call is answered.

Through all weather conditions, climbing poles, working in utility trucks, at all hours of the day or night and often while working alone, the right communications systems can become a lifeline. TRBOMAX™ will increase safety as well as help your organization improve response times, efficiency, and profitability.

Why Do You Need TRBOMAX?

Whether your organization works in power, gas, cable, or hydro utilities, instant access to communications can be instrumental in helping you to meet rising customer demands, reducing expenses, and improving safety for your entire team.

With TRBOMAX, you can enjoy secure voice and data communication with your team in the field throughout South Carolina. Through the power of the TRBOMAX system technology, we can offer you the most advanced commercial radio system airtime and coverage options to fit your unique needs.

With our voice and data capabilities you have access to up-to-the-minute data from those working in the field. This allows you to monitor safety and make informed management decisions from a distance.

What to Look for When Choosing Digital Radios

When choosing the right MOTOTRBO Digital Radios to meet your utility industry needs, look for the following features:

  • Extended battery life, especially models offering iMPRES batteries, suitable for extended shifts
  • Durability, look for models that have higher IP ratings for protection against particles, like dirt, and water
  • Emergency features, if many of your personnel work alone, features like Man Down and Lone Workers can be instrumental for improved safety

It’s no surprise that when your team is informed, your entire operation runs more efficiently. This creates higher profits, better safety, and a happier crew of workers for your organization.

Whether you’re managing utilities in the Midlands, the Lowcountry, or beyond, let TRBOMAX help you create the most cost-effective communications system you can manage while meeting your unique needs for safety and access to communication.

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